Links & Hints

iPod & iTunes
iPod: How to Identify Models
iPod: Only Apple Logo Appears
iPod: Get the Most Out of the Battery
iPod: AppleCare
iTunes: Offering Your Music
iTunes: How to Find Shared Music Libraries
iTunes: How to Share Your Music
iTunes: How to Back Up Music Library
iTunes: Playlist to DVD
iTunes: iLife Mini Manual
Share music between different accounts
iPod if it appears frozen or doesn't respond

Apple Tiger Support Page
Tiger-Ready Applications
Spotlight Plugins
Automator Actions
Dashboard Widgets
Dashboard Programming Guide
Resetting PRAM and NVRAM
Apple Universal Application listing
Your Mac won't start up in Mac OS X
Power Mac G5 (Late 2005) AirPort options
Panther Support page
OS Compatibility chart
Ethernet Crossover Cable Extreme: How to Print via USB
AirPort Extreme Manuals
Mac OS X Server Manuals
Print Your Addresses From Address Book
SuperDrive: How to Burn Data DVD-R Disc
10.2: How to Burn a Multi-Session CD
Multisession option not available in all apps
OS X: What Is Stored in PRAM?
Max Number of File Sharing Connections
Mac OS X: Keyboard Shortcuts
Repair Disk Permissions
Mac OS X: fsck for maintenance
Base Station: How to Reset
AirPort: Potential Sources of Interference FireWire Target Disk Mode
Firmware Update Chart
OS X: Third-Party Printer Compatibility
OS X: Troubleshooting a startup issue
OS X: "Broken folder" icon or kernel panic
10.3: I Forgot the Password
10.3: Creating a Disk Image to Restore
10.3: Burning a Disk Image on a CD or DVD
10.3: Create Disk Image of 10.3: Connecting to Shared Computers
10.3: Enabling the Root User
10.3: About FileVault
10.3: Connecting Two Computers
10.3: Calculator Paper "Rounding Errors"
10.3: different types of wireless security
10.3: Copy iMovie DVD-R Video Discs
10.3: About the Archive and Install feature
Tiger AppleTalk issues

Apple PowerMac G5

G5 Customer-installable parts
Apple Customer-Installable Parts index
G5: ATA Parallel-to-Serial Not Supported
G5: Reduced Speed Without Air Deflector
G5: External Antenna Required for AirPort
G5: Optical Audio Port Specifications
G5: Developer Page
G5: Memory Specifications
G5: Serial Number Location
G5: Remove Plastic Strips From Door
G5: PCI/PCI-X cards of different speeds
PowerMac G5 Technote
Cinebench 2003 Ratings
Power Macintosh: Bus Speeds
Mac Battery

Tech Notes & Info
Underlying task reported failure
iMac G5 Repair Extension Program
Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts
Mac OS 9 keyboard shortcuts
Pioneer Firmware
Internet Speed test
SpeedTest V5.2
Internet Connection Speed Test
McAfee Connection Speed test
PC Pitstop Bandwidth Test
Norton AntiVirus for Macintosh
Mac OS 8 and 9: Compatibility
Powerbook G4: Customer installable Parts
iMac G5 Support Resources
Older System Software
GarageBand: Manuals
eMac: Memory Specs
eMac: Install Memory
Designing AirPort Extreme
AirPort: Potential Interference Airport Equivalent Network
AirPort: Join a WPA Network
Printer troubleshooting for AirPort
Mac mini Developer Note
Screen Spanning Doctor
iPhoto: Aspect Ratio and Print Orders iMovie: How to Split Video or Audio Clips
iMovie: How to Lock Audio to Specific Video
iMovie: How to Crop Audio
Burn DVD to a Disk Image
iBook G4 installable parts
iPhoto: "Your Photo Library was not found"
Using IP over FireWire
Calibrating your battery for best performance
Macintosh Battery Web Page
Xbench - OS X
National DO NOT CALL List

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