The most common term given to Bush's actions by
all groups involved with the care of the environment is. . .
"Profits over Life."   Let's see if that is justified. . .

The following list is not the conjecture of radical wild-eyed-paranoid
back-woods militia knee-jerk whakkos, but rather well documented research
by both mainstream and alternative news sources, and organizations like
Union of Concerned Scientist, Corporate Watch, Scientific American, Nature,
The American Medical Association, Physicians for Social Responsibility,
Lancet, Democracy Now!, Open Secrets, One World Net, Greenpeace, Sierra Club,
World Wildlife Fund, ENN.COM, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),
Food and Drug Administration (FDA), The Library of Congress, just to mention a few.

March 28, 2001

  1. He came from the governorship of Texas, worst environment of all states.
  2. His very open and well documented lie of supporting the reduction of CO2.
  3. Global warming is not even a debate any longer.  You and I know it, and HE knows it.
  4. His perpetuation of the lie that global warming is based on bad science.
  5. His reversal of the laws, concerning the toxins in our waters, back to 1942 levels.
  6. His family's well documented income from the oil & coal industry, and mining.
  7. His in-your-face allowing of oil interest invasion of the Alaskan Wildlife refuge.
  8. His lies for the reasons for the need to allow the oil industry carte blanc access.
  9. His support of the pharmaceutical's profits, in the face of the African pandemic of AIDS.
  10. Millions, not thousands, are dying, because of this protection of pharmaceuticals profits.
  11. A large portion of Bush family income is from the pharmaceutical corporation's profits.
  12. His cabinet is recognized by both sides as the most corporate-friendly in history.
  13. His lie of bring-the-country together, after his election displayed a deep division.
  14. At this date, four (4!) Monsanto ex-executives have been named to his administration.
  15. One of whom was the top lobbyist for ag-chem industry, is 2nd in command of the EPA.
  16. His destruction of workplace OSHA safety laws concerning repetitive stress injury.
  17. He is not stupid, he does know full well exactly what he is doing.
  18. He does know, that his lies, changes, and appointments serve one purpose. . .
  19. Profits over anything, even life, if need be.

    Clinton's lack of morality almost pales in comparison,
    and I never considered Clinton moral.



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