Yes - I'm Angry. . .  (Still)

This Page Added:  August 4, 2008

On February 5, 2007 I posted "Yes I'm Angry".  It's now a year and a half later - And it has only gotten much-much worse.  "Allowed" to get worse - Day-by-day.  Worse.

[And just like I frustratingly stated a year and a half ago...]

I could go on, but to be honest, experiencing the reality of the allowing to be allowed to continue on and on unabated, is just too maddening.  Too insane to comprehend for this simple hippie. Don't misunderstand me - I fully understand the violence in the name of profits, the greed, the hubris, the complicated details of the theft, the destruction of profits-over-all-even-life - What I don't understand - What angers and frustrates me. . .

Is the undeniable, and unforgivable, allowing by the citizens of my once great nation.


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