Yes - I'm Angry. . .

This Page Added:  February 5, 2007

The Bush administration had redirected all of our surplus treasury he got from Clinton in 2000 to his family, and corporate friends, within the first year - All of the surplus gone, by the end of 2001.  Since then, (especially since 9/11 of 2001,) they have completely undone the reality of the American Constitutional Democracy, and stolen and transferred more wealth, than any other group in the written history of this planet - All of which went into the hands of their few - Their families' and their corporations' pockets thru no-bid contracts, both military and civilian.

- They have borrowed more money from other nations than all of the other past administrations added together, and have successfully redistributed its trillions of dollars to themselves.

- America's trade-deficit is right now more than twice any previous record.

- America's current total debt is now right at $9,000,000,000,000!

- We are the #1 polluter overall, and the #1 emitter of CO2.
    [Update: China is now the #1 CO2 emitter, but ours still increases - Link -]

- We are the only nation that is still denying the reality of global-warming.

- We are the only 1st or 2nd class nation without universal healthcare, and pay up to 10x more for the exact same prescription drugs than all the other nations.

- We have imprisoned more of our own citizens than any other nation on this planet, and we also have imprisoned a higher percentage of our citizens than any other nation in written history.

- We are now the only 1st world nation that does not recognize the right of habeas corpus!

- We spend more money on "National Defense" (actually to military-industrial-corporations,) than all of the others nations on this planet added together - All of them.  (Try to guess who gets all of those billions upon billions of dollars - that are not being used for your healthcare, or for your families' education, or for the maintenance of this nation's physical structures, like roads, etc., or increasing the minimum wage, or on regulating the abuses of the corporations...)

- They are right now trying to expand and extend the wars into Iran and Syria, and to even send even more troops to Iraq - All of the reasons being their typical lies and misdirection, and the usual propagandized patriotism that has worked so well for then these past six years - All to do just one thing, keep the war-profits going into their pockets - No other reason.  Anyone that thinks there is some other reasoning behind their agenda of aggressive imperialistic warring, is either one of them, seriously deluded or ignorant of reality, or simply stupid.

I have come to believe that "America" will allow it to continue, as they have allowed it all, even in the face of the facts of the lying, the exposed corruption, and the reality of the corporate take-over of all of this nation's regulatory structures - This president has signed more presidential signing statements (once again) than all of the past presidents combined - The majority of which stated that he, the president, did not have to abide by the very law he had just signed into law - -  Take a moment to absorb that fact - - - - - -

The majority of our on-ground forces are private corporate mercenaries, not U.S. government troops.  The prisons are almost all now run by for-profit private corporations.  All of the military, pharmaceutical, extractive energy, and private corporate health corporations are experiencing the highest profits in the total history of corporate profits - Every year for the last five years they have been breaking unprecedented records - Yet America continues to allow the theft -

It has gotten so bad that we have crossed over into some kind of twilight zone - There are whole areas of the ocean, thousands of square miles each, that are completely devoid of any life at all.  Hundreds of thousands of people are dying in wars and from environmental disasters worldwide.  The frozen tundra is no longer frozen, and beginning to release methane by the tons, tropical forests, and forests in general are being eradicated at an uncomprehensible rate worldwide.  40% of the worlds population depends on water from glaciers that are disappearing everywhere. ...

I could go on, but to be honest, experiencing the reality of the allowing to be allowed to continue on and on unabated, is just too maddening.  Too insane to comprehend for this simple hippie. Don't misunderstand me - I fully understand the violence in the name of profits, the greed, the hubris, the complicated details of the theft, the destruction of profits-over-all-even-life - What I don't understand - What angers and frustrates me. . .

Is the undeniable, and unforgivable, allowing by the citizens of my once great nation.


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