Accelerating Weirdness. . .

This Page Added:  April 12, 2006

Maybe, Just Maybe, I was Wrong. . .  Sanity Just Might Prevail After All
by The Old Hippie Because I See The Accelerating Weirdness Of Reality-Based Sanity Happening

Six years late, (better late than never,) and maybe not fast enough, (and slowly is better than nothing at all,) but "it" is finally happening.  "It" being the positive "weirdnesses" of reality-based sanity breaking out within the citizenry of my nation.  And - It seems that its spread is accelerating.

This criminal administration has gone so far into "over-the-edge-of-insane" that members of all the major political parties, including the republican party, are finally feeling "safer" speaking out, even within this administration's "punitive" atmosphere.

That's the good news. But. . .  (You just knew I was going to say "But. . .," now didn't you?)

The big "but" here is the fact they are still in office, still in power, still making things worse, still changing all of the laws that they can get away with, still ripping at the Constitution, our liberties, our freedoms, to protect their profits, and themselves.

American citizens are finally waking up to the facts - That this is not politics-as-usual, that these people are not "normal" politicians, that these people are profiteers of the worse ilk, that these people are dangerously ideological sociopathic lying thieves, and that our nation is right now facing the Founders worse case scenario - the true destruction of our representative republic from within, for nothing more than the out of control self-centered greed of wealth and power for the few, over the needs of the many, and that it is happening right before our collective eyes.

Is it too late, as I have stated in earlier postings?  I honestly don't know now.  I see changes, awakenings, "weirdnesses" happening. . .  I do know it is definitely too late for some things, mainly within the realm of the environment, and the already dead innocent lives that will come back to haunt all of us Americans for "allowing" so much of it.  But I also now see the hope of saving our nation from itself, and maybe down the line, correcting some of the damage. . .  And maybe, just maybe, also punishing those "we allowed" to do so much of the damage.  Maybe.


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