If You're One Of Them. . .

This Page Added:  February 15, 2005

If you're one of them, the born-again-neo-conned-corporate-trusting-deluded-in-full-denial-voted-for-my-own-destruction idiots, you have already stopped reading.  If you're not, then you're one of the reality-based Americans, obviously already aware of the disaster that has happened.

Congress gave up war-powers to the executive branch, insane Dominionists have de facto power of the Republican party, delusional Neo-Conservatives have de facto power of American foreign policy, and behind all of them are the supporting corrupt dollars of criminally opportunistic corporations, using the power of their dollars to change the face of laws controlling their abuse of workers worldwide, national tax policies, and tort laws that once protected us, not them, to protecting them from us.

So, why bother going through the list once again?  The ones who need to absorb it have stopped reading, and the ones who know the results of the list, are becoming numb from the constant shocks, one after another, of realizing how easily they have gotten away with it, and are continuing to get away with it, all the while watching arrogant "proud" SUV-driving-while-talking-on-cell-phones-arrogantly-happy-in-their-ignorance-bring-on-the-rapture-born-again-insanity, smirk at "our" intellectual stupidity of reality-based reasonings.

How long before the anger explodes?

If you are still reading, and want links to the knowledge, there are now a couple of places one can go and see presentations of the "big picture" in the form of excellently presented videos that "put it all together":

1.  If you do not know what "Dominionism" is, then get educated, for
     the Dominionists now have de facto control the Republican party.

     Start here:  http://www.theocracywatch.org/av/ and watch both
     of two main videos there: "video_life_and_liberty-256kbps.wmv"
     and the "video_dominionism-256kbps.wmv"  You can, if you
     wish, download the much higher (DVD) quality files of the same
     two videos there, they are the "liberty.wmv" (393-MB) and the
     "video_dominion.wmv" (532-MB) - It took my DSL about an
     hour and a half to download both - But - Very much worth it.

     They also have the two videos in other formats, besides the .wmv
     in that directory, for Quicktime, (.mov,) and for RealPlayer, (.rm.)
     And they have direct online access to the 256-kbps versions at:

1.a.  In the videos, the "Constitution Restoration Act of 2004" is
     mentioned, which is right now being considered, in what use to
     be "our" Congress. . .  If you don't know what this act is, then
     get educated to what is being done to your nations law's. . .

1.b.  If you can make DVDs, then please, take the time to download
     the two videos in their higher resolution, (1,990-Kbps,) make the
     DVDs, and give them to as many people as you can.

2.  If you do not know the history and reality of "Neo-Cons", then
     get educated, for the Neo-Cons currently have de facto control
     of "our" foreign policy, at least until the Dominionists succeed
     in their very well organized, so-far shockingly successful, total
     destruction of the Separation of Church and State.

     Start here for Neo-Con education: (2nd paragraph by picture.)
     (That links to a source for the following BBC documentary...)

     "The Power of Nightmares" - - -

     Again, if you can make DVDs - Share them. . .  Keep in mind
     that this important BBC documentary has been shown in all
     nations where the BBC broadcast, except here in America,
     and they are trying. . .

2.a.  Another source for Neo-Con educational history:

     Also a google "Leo Strauss" link.

3.  If you have not actually read the Texas Republican Party's real
     platform, then get educated. . .  This was "your" country, it is
     more than important that you know what is going on. . .

     Click Here To Read It.  - If you watched the first two videos I've
     listed above, (in #1. above,) then you know the importance of it.

I simply don't know what else to do to get the word out - You, the
readers that are still here, are intelligent and aware, I need your help - - -
Hell, our very nation's survival needs your help. . .

Before the anger explodes.


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