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The right-wing media is outraged at the outrage of everyone else, over the revelations that Americans do torture humans in their [our] prisons.

For whatever reasons one can rationalize - They can't handle the truth.

Denial, blinding obedience, bigotry, America-right-or-wrong, just plain dangerous politics-over-reason, god is on our side, it is just a few of the aberrant soldiers - not the system, etc., etc., etc., - - - - - -

The fact remains, as more and more evidence pours in from more pics, and now - the videos - which CBS is going to show today, [May 12, 2004,] that they are wrong - dangerously wrong.

I personally don't care what they do with Rumsfeld, or what happens to him - I do care that the "system" is not being fixed.

I do care that American prisons, here within the United States, have for years been known to be "broken" - violent places of rape, death, abuse. . . Like the California Youth Authority prisons - evidence is abundant on the web - continues to "abuse," and rape, and kill, the good and the bad.

I do care that the largest business lobby here in America is private prison corporations - - !

I do care that America has imprisoned more of its population - us - than any nation in history - in raw numbers and percentage of total population - and that the very large majority of these prisoners are "on the inside" for non-violent reasons.

I do care that in the face of all of the proof of the bad, stupid, and the dangerous criminality of this administration - that 46% of Americans still "approve" of this administration!

I do care that the voting machines obvious criminal design - is not yet being fixed - the majority during this coming election will not be fixed - - The majority of them - - It is insane.

Go to any or the right-wing's propaganda web sites, FOX, Limbaugh, Novak, NewsMax, Hannity, CATO, The Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute, listen and watch and read their denials, their rationals, their lies, their propaganda - and absorb that 46% of Americans believe them!

"Get over it" - "It's time to stop apologizing" - "They're evil killers" - "This only helps the terrorists" - - - - - - -

Never mind the it has been shown that 70% to 90% of these feared evil Iraqi prisoners have been shown to have arrested by mistake!

Never mind that the large majority of them did exactly what you or I would have done - would do - in their situation of a disastrous, and outright criminal foreign occupation, that is "privatizing" all of their national assets away from them, that is killing them in the thousands, not killing just men - but women and children also - proven - pictured and taped for all to see. (Which some right-wing deniers are saying "must" be fakes!)

But yet - 46% still "approve" of this criminal administration - - -

They have made it clear to all - The draft is returning - except it will now draft women - and those to the age of 34, rather than 25. . .

46% approve - -

They have made it clear that they support the corporations over the democracy itself. . .

46% approve - -

They have made it clear that they are doing all that they can, legally and illegally, to privatize as much of America's assets as possible. . .

46% approve - -

They made it clear that when Bush said "God chose me for this time", that they supported the demonizing, in their 5-corporation media, of anyone "doubting it," or "questioning it". . .

46% approve - -

They may it clear that the "separation of church and state" is in their way, and must be done away with. . .

46% approve - -

They have made it clear that when they can't get their way - they will bypass Congress - even illegally - to get around us - and so far have successfully gotten away with it. . .

46 % approve - -

They have made it clear that they "money-laundered" the entirety of our treasury into the pockets of the top 2%, and that they are coming for even more, and that the lower 80% of us fodder-units, and our children, will have to pay for their theft - and so far - they have been totally successful with the largest open theft in U.S. history. . .

46% approve - -

They have made it clear they will "protect their way of life," and will "protect their freedoms" - even from us lowly 80% - at any costs to us and our children. . .

46% approve - -


Insane off-the-fringe born-again evangelical dominionists with a real hope of creating "the rapture", in combination with the opportunistic corporations, that are taking every advantange of their insanity, to do all that they possibly can get away with, to "take over the this nation, and the world."


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