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This Page Added:  November 7, 2002


President Bush enjoys one of the longest running high approval ratings
in modern history, and with his administration taking control of all three
branches of the government; Congressional, Executive, and Judicial, by
a vote of the people, in this mid-term election, it's obvious the majority. . .
(since only 70% of eligible voters are actually registered, and of these
registered voters, there is an 8:2 ratio of upper income to lower income
classes, of these 70% of registered voters, only 39% actually voted.
Therefore, this election was decided by only 27.3% of all Americans.
This was the 2nd lowest turnout in 56 years.  It must also be noted that,
by a large majority, those that did vote, were republicans. Democrats
did not come out to vote.  The democratic party must be asking - Why?)

. . .want this "Pax Americana Empire".  This "majority" feels that our
America is powerful enough to rule the planet, without any real concern
for any checks and balances, from inside our government, nor from any
other country, or coalition of countries.

There is little doubt anywhere on this planet that America is the most
powerful government to have ever existed in history. . .  So, how does
America rank in other areas, other than raw military power, with the
rest of the world?

(Fall 2002)

Land Of The Free?
More of us are in prison, per capita, than in any other country.
Also more prisoners than any other country, in raw numbers.
We have more non-violent prisoners than any other country.

The only countries in the world, aside from the United States,
that have used the death penalty against juveniles since 1985
are Iraq, Iran, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia
and Yemen.  At least Saddam Hussein is on our side.

Among Western democracies, the United States stands alone
in its use of the death penalty.

Free press?
According to the latest report by "Reporters Without Borders", the
U. S. currently ranks 17th in our "free-press", i.e. 16 countries rank
above the American press in having a freeer press than we have with
only 6-corporations owning all of our news media; Finland, Iceland,
Norway, the Netherlands, all tied for the top spot.  Canada, Ireland,
Germany Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, France, Australia, Belgium,
Slovenia, and Costa Rica, all rank above U.S.

Health Care?
America is the only first-world nation without universal health coverage.
Currently over 40-million Americans have no health coverage at all.
Of the rest, the large majority have sub-standard-co-pay coverage.
The percentage of our children without any coverage has risen to 67.1%.

Of the 19 first world nations, ours has the highest percentage of children
living in poverty.  America pays the lowest minimum wage rate of all the
first world nations.  Also on a percentage basis, we have the most citizens
at, or below, the poverty level of income of the first world nations.

A Better Work Place?
U.S. has the fewest labor rights in the 1st world.
The least regulatory restrictions on management.
Longer hours/week worked, and the least vaction time off.

Support Of A More Peaceful World?
The U.S. is the largest arms supplier/seller to the world. America sells
more weapons, of all types, guns, bullets, bombs, chemical, biological,
landmines, than the next nine (9!) arms-selling-governments combined.

Even as Saddam was gassing his people, with chemicals and training
that we supplied him, even when we knew it was our suppling him with
the chemicals, and knowing he was using them, 'our government', then
represented by the Reagn administration, said it was "okay" - - - !

A Historical Note
* In 2000, only 70% of the eligible voters were actually registered to vote.
* Of that 70%, only 50% actually voted in the 2000 elections.
* Therefore, only 35% of all eligible voters voted.
* Since Bush and Gore got a bit less than 50% each, of the actual votes.
* George Bush was "elected" with only 17.5% of all the possible voters.

A Personal Note
Having witnessed our democracy destroyed within the last two years,
having witnessed America turned into a Plutocracy, with the very real
totalitarian measures enacted through the U. S. A. Patriot Act. . .
Those of you who feel that voting doesn't matter, that didn't register,
that could have, but didn't vote, for any reason. . .  Fuck You.

Individual Security and Privacy?
The fact that John Poindexter was named to be the head of the
"Total Awarness Office" of the Department of Defense, not to mention
The U. S. Patriot Act, and The Office of Homeland Security - says it all.


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