When Americans Rant
This Page Added:  December 31, 2001


When the American-right rants -
People/environment suffer, corporations/totalitarians smile.
Separation of church and state suffer, religious extremists smile

When the American-left rants -
Corporations/totalitarians suffer, people/environment smile
Non-tolerant bigots suffer, human-rights extremists smile

Corpo-friendly, or enviro-friendly, who do you trust really?

Profits over people, or people over profits, who do you align with?

Whose ideology do you trust more?

Questions. . .

Do you - as a matter of conscience - boycott any corporation?

Do you know any that are being boycotted, and why?

Have you written any of your representatives, including your
media representatives, about anything that concerns your life,
government, environment, retirement, civil rights - anything???

Do you get any of your "news" from any independent media,
other than the mainstream media?

If you answered "no" to any one of those questions,
you should learn how to moo.

If you answered "yes" to any one of those questions,
you are obviously a left-wing treasonist misguided extremist.


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