Applied Coating Inspection

Pre-mature coating failure is a major industrial problem. Failure can cause permanent damage to the underlying structure and result in costly rework and recoating projects. However, most coating failures can be avoided with a proper and thorough coating inspection. Whether the inspection is for new or rehabilitation surfaces, general maintenance, or verification of a coating under warranty-we can help preserve your capital investment and extend its life.

Inspectors are highly trained, knowledgeable in all phases of coating inspection. Listed are some of the critical areas the inspector monitors:
· Pre-Surface Preparation
· Weather Conditions
· Surface Preparation
· Coating Mixing
· Coating Application
· Wet / Dry Film Thickness
· Recoat Times
· Cure Evaluation
· Holiday Testing

The inspector will tour the job-site and conduct a pre-job conference with contractor, material supplier, and owner to detail any areas that may cause problems. All aspects of the coating job will be reviewed to assure the project will run smoothly and reduce the likelihood of problems or errors during project.

The main purpose of the inspector is to assure the owner of a properly applied system, assist the contractor in complying with the specifications and prevent the expense of pre-mature coating failure.

We are true professionals dedicated to coatings inspection and corrosion prevention. Furthermore, we adhere to all local and federal health and safety regulations. Also we are fully insured so you can feel comfortable with any service we provide.

Multiple tank and preventive maintenance contracts available to facilitate proper planning and budgeting for the future.

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