Preventative Maintenance Programs

AWWA (American Water Works Association) recommends inspection of steel storage tanks every five (5) years, and once a year for pre-stressed concrete structures. These inspections are highly recommended to assess the exact condition of the tank and the coatings / linings: The extent of sediment accumulated (which we can remove underwater); what degree corrosion or pitting has taken place, and when it will require cleaning, repairing, or recoating. For example, the inspection might conclude that your tank doesn't require recoating for two years. You could then plan and budget for scheduled repairs around that time to minimize inconvenience.

Inspection Pays for Itself

There is no coating that is fail safe. However, it is possible to add years to the life of a coating system through proper on-site inspection during the coating process. Since we specialize in protective coatings, we are experts in why coatings fail and how to avoid their premature failure. Coatings failures result from many factors, such as not adhering to specifications, improper surface preparation, mixing errors, application processes, climactic conditions, etc. Our inspectors ridgedly adhere to governing specifications, to assure work is accomplished as prescribed. Oftentimes a surface is improperly prepared prior to coating thus leading to a failure within months, which leads to a costly repair, recoat and downtime.

Wet or Dry