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Located in the Garden spot of the world, Henryville, Indiana, Smith Farms is the envy of the entire agricultural community. You will find the Best Corn, Best Soybeans, Best Alfalfa, Contented Holsteins, Best Tomatoes, and the most intelligent / best behaved grandchildren in the world. Roscoe Smith & Janet Smith run Smith Farms although sometimes they feel like the farm runs them. Click on the Images or Links below to find out more about their interests.

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Worlds Largest Tomato Can

The Worlds Largest Redgold Tomato Can can be see while visiting the Smiths. It is positioned so it can be best seen while traveling south on Interstate 65 just south of the exit to Henryville, Indiana.

As you can see, it is created from a large 40 foot tall silo. It has been esitimated that 249.3 tons of redgold tomatoes could fit inside. The silo is no longer usable since it was moved 4 inches toward the east by a passing tornado.

Pictured standing before the silo is Janet (Grandma) Smith and Elizabeth Wells, their 1st granddaughter.

b25j.jpg (39404 bytes) This is a Photo of the B25J. Grandpa Smith says he flew in one of these during the war. His stories get more exciting everytime he tells them.
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Family Photo Album

Click here to view photos of the Smiths and their kids and grandchildren.

Photos include

Carl Smith (#1 Son)
Bill & Becky Havens (#1 Daughter)
Jim & Marie Wells (Prettiest Daughter)
Elizabeth Rose Wells (Granddaughter)
Brittany Havens (Granddaughter)
Timothy Wells (Only Grandson)
Bridget Havens (Granddaughter)
Rowdy Smith (Ex-Dog)
Tornado Damage
And Much More....

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4000 Specialty Gifts

Now you can purchase gift Items from Grandma Smith. Ask to see her catalog of more than 4000 Gifts. She saw the catalog and thought all of her friends would want to see it. She says she is not in it for the money, but I am sure if you offer to buy something, she will sell it to you.

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Welcome to the Sweedish High Coast Bridge Project

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This is one of the 1st Sites that Grandpa Smith ever logged into. He has followed its progress from start to finish.

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